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Choose to travel during the first 10 days of April, when the planet Mars is positioned at the Twins and your ninth journey home.

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Let's talk about the career. The best time to give an interview is May 15th to July 1st when Mars is in your ninth honor house, awards and achievements. This is the first time in two years that you have the help of Mars. After that day, a solar moon of the New Moon will illuminate you. Get ready because the odds are good for you to win the dream job.

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When it comes to love, you will have two special periods. If you are single, the best time to find love is in early February. February will also be a good month for those in a relationship, especially dates close to Valentine's Day. If you are in a long lasting relationship, you can marry near Valentine.

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A fairly beneficial time for your health affairs during the ensuring period, and you do not have much cause for any anxiety. Even those with a predisposition to chronic disorders like rheumatism, and similar complaints of the digestive tract, like excess of wind and flatulence will experience much relief, and get a respite from their troubles with a minimum of care.

There are some grounds for apprehending liver trouble, especially if you have a history of any previous difficulty on this score. But this, too, would be minor, and the use of a tonic to tone-up the liver to keep it from going sluggish would prevent any trouble, from making its appearance.

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An excellent month during which you should be able to considerably advance your financial prospects. This month, some of you would have a way of handling your juniors or workers in a manner enabling you to derive maximum benefit from their services. This would greatly bolster your financial situation. Association with several gifted people of learning and spiritual stature would also be gainful both in a material sense and in terms of spiritual satisfaction.

Your own efforts would be very successful in enabling you to realize the full anticipated profits.

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Sagittarius is the celestial favorite! Rahu Ketu Transit. Pisces will experience a spectacular career year. Post a Comment. Apr 29, When Lord Moon…. This is a new moon eclipse in Capricorn on Christmas day.

They may be a little slow in coming, but would certainly accrue to you. This month the augury for your career prospects is quite propitious. Association with gifted people of learning would enrich your life in every way.

There would be material advantages, of course. But that is not all the satisfaction you derive from such association there is a very major gain also. My horoscopes promised that if I tried, something good would happen—which can sometimes be easy to forget. Until then, there are always more episodes of Prison Break. Type keyword s to search.

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