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According to a prosecutor, the co-accused men drugged and repeatedly sexually assaulted a woman for hours.

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The police were called to a house on Colter Street in Newmarket Friday night after reports of a shooting. With the right investments, the city can become much more than an agglomeration of gated communities. Martin Thomas Quinn, 29, of Mississauga has been arrested and charged with fraud.

The Muslim Association of Canada believes that charity and caring for the vulnerable among us is an embodiment of a central faith tenet in Islam. With six leaders on stage — a record in a Canadian federal election — and almost as many moderators, the opportunities to size up the two men most likely to become prime minister as a result of the Oct. From the outset, it was clear the opposition party leaders were bent on taking on each other as well as Justin Trudeau.

The federal Conservative leader has not been truthful on many facts about this life. Withholding his U. Until federal party leaders accept full responsibility for the ongoing racial discrimination against children and reform the government so that it stops, Canada will continue to be the perpetrator of discrimination and children will continue to needlessly lose their childhoods at its hands. The year-old United Church in Hensall, Ont. University of Toronto Prof.

The results left her feeling empowered — and sad. Toronto police have a suspect in the murder of Andrew Kinsman. The Village worries there are more.

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Part three in a four-part series on the investigation that caught serial killer Bruce McArthur. Cases of syphilis in B. Extinction Rebellion Nova Scotia led a group of protesters to the Macdonald Bridge Monday morning to stop rush-hour traffic and bring attention to environmental issues.

After more than a dozen people were arrested, the bridge was reopened around p. Woo hoo!

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If you made it through Summer and came out the other side relatively unscathed, then you can and should give yourself a big pat on the back for that. There was a lot of intense energy on the docket this Summer, starting out with an intense eclipse cycle in the first week of July. Virgo themes are being organized with a flawless attention to detail. Virgo also rules the health, your house of work, and the little things you do every day to stay organized and productive. And that means we have the energy, the drive, and the personality traits coming to the forefront to help us to succeed and pursue our goals.

Show you the money, honey! But as you dive into that productivity, treat yourself to something just for you to reward yourself for making it through an emotionally intense Summer. With Jupiter extravagant and Neptune deceived the climate change business is a real money-making exercise for the greedy rich investor and does nothing for the natural environment.

Mother Nature will always have her own way. The United Nations horoscope shows nothing but Illusion, continued future disappointment and failure, including a huge waste of accumulated global green funds for chasing rainbows, instead of getting down to the real issue of saving lives by clearing global minefields, salvaging innocent children from international trafficking for sexual exploitation and establishing urgent infrastructure and utilities programs for third world and war-torn countries.

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Greater action and funding should also be considered in assisting those refugees and migrants to return to their original countries and homes to start rebuilding their lives and making a living again. Also, with Saturn responsibility in the sign of Capricorn land , the UN and governments should concentrate together on educating the masses regarding forestry, agriculture and the cleaning up of pollution, namely plastic bottles, bags and general rubbish in and around developed and third world countries and oceans.

Pollution is more harmful on the sea and land than the scenario of global warming.

December 15-21, 2011

The sun's entry into your opposite sign of Aquarius marks the halfway point of your solar year, and what you learnt over the past six months can. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. A Mercury-Uranus link on your birthday means your mind will be moving faster than ever over the coming

Uranus change is moving through Taurus economy for the first time in 84 years and will transit in this sign until April , interrupting and changing the global economy and the way we trade and live. Jupiter erroneous at present clashing with Neptune exaggeration on the global horoscope is influencing an exaggerated panic situation especially for the younger generation over global warming and emissions.

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History is repeating itself with mass demonstrations of children. With Neptune imagination in Pisces vagueness , the children of today unwittingly rally over global warming and blame past and older generations for the hullabaloo. They appear to have inherited a deleterious form of infantile climate change knowledge and undesirable assessment of the future of the Earth. Their present understanding is being enhanced through negative United Nations hysteria, politically leftward educational teachings and unofficial inflated scientific dogma, saying that this world we live in is going to run out of water and food and will come to a disastrous end in a short period of time due to rising sea levels unless global warming and climate change is rectified by world governments to control carbon emissions.

Absolutely ridiculous. The planet Earth has been around for approximately 4. This Earth we live on has continually experienced climate change since birth and will endure climate and weather changes far into the future. Remember, there are many natural variables that cause weather patterns and climate changes, including the Sun, Moon and atmospherics combined.

Trees and plants need and feed on carbon dioxide and in return they supply oxygen for the world population and creatures to breath and survive.

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With Pluto rebuild in Capricorn land , 'Plant more trees' should be the present global motto. The slow planetary movements of Mercury movement , Venus attraction , Mars strife , Jupiter achievement , Saturn stability , Uranus change , Neptune climate and Pluto evolution , all moving together in their respective transits, take approximately 26, years to cycle and return to their present location.

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Wednesday, August 1, Tuesday, March 19, Sally Brompton. Northern Hemisphere weather conditions may bring early snow falls, cyclonic conditions and moderate to cold temperatures. A novel and innovative coupling of traditional radio-tags with new GPS loggers to track hand-reared Irish hare Lepus timidus hibernicus leverets after release into the wild has been developed.

These planetary passages over the years have always influenced change and contributed to climate, environment, inhabitants and all creatures of this planet to arrive and exit. We adjust to the ever-changing ecosystem and living standards of the day and we will continue to do so, as we have done in the past.


Interesting to note, Uranus electricity moved into the fertile water sign of Pisces hoax during , speeding up the urgency for renewables because many academics and alarmists believed the adverse weather conditions of that era were changing quickly and permanently due to coal fire emissions and fossil fuel use. The globe was going to be short of water and food if we all did not take seriously the danger of climate change and global warming. What happened? We had some of the most torrential rains and floods in history, an abundance of wheat and food crops was produced, but no extra infrastructure, such as dams and weirs, was built by governments to cope with capturing this precious commodity of rain to distribute to dry areas, hence through waste, water restrictions are present today in some countries.

What will the alarmist say then? If you wish to consider the options, give some thought to this doomsday scenario.

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In Australia alone, there has been over the past 3 billion years, in the vicinity of 30 impact craters out of around recognised worldwide. The biggest was in the Western Australia Pilbara region and the crater remains can be viewed today. This crash wiped out the vegetation throughout the country including the Dinosaur era. Hence today you can witness large deserts throughout Australia.

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Also, as recently as in Chelyabinsk a meteor passed overhead and exploded, injuring people. This event has happened before and will happen again.

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However, we should always be prepared in the future for the sudden and unexpected, that one may eventually become renegade and hit the earth. Then we will certainly be in trouble. However, the trade war between the USA and China will continue to be unsettled and debated until December 3, when Jupiter expansion enters the commercial trade sign of Capricorn for a 12 month cycle.