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An instant attraction can have your heart doing somersaults, but keep in mind that love and lust are different emotions. For long-lasting love, build a friendship. Stay focused on your goals and achievements. Celebrations are coming up with a personal or professional victory, and it could be both - lucky you! A milestone event can bond you to a family member like never before. Put past differences aside to embrace the future.

A lucky breakthrough can put more cash in your pocket.

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Back to top Home News U. TruthStar - Your weekly horoscope and love horoscope. Sagittarius November 22 — December Maybe in the near future your dreams will come true. Virgo Year Ahead: Family, close friends and colleagues, and those who are your nearest and dearest, play important roles of support and encouragement this year.

With love, focus on the big picture, not petty details. Cosmic luck shines on everything you do right now — expect the best! To succeed at the love game, prepare to compromise, give and take goes a long way in sealing the love deal.

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To get ahead, trust your intuition. Money starts to free up. When it concerns money, beware of falling into an old trap, learn from the past. Friends will support you.

Taurus and Cancer both like to pace themselves.

Daily Horoscope Oct. 09 The Moon intermingles with Venus, both in water signs LIBRA: If you want to be admired and respected, then lift your own self-worth a . Weekly Horoscope By Jennifer Angel Your Weekly Horoscope Advice! This week's full As Seen In STAR MAGAZINE, By Jennifer Angel LIBRA STARSCOPE.

You have powerful stars for combining love and business! A work function or event could have you rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. Week Ahead: The all-powerful Sun can make you think more deeply about your life right now, everything is up for review. Love: get in touch with your emotions and at the same time keep life in perspective. Money: Look for solutions that suit all concerned. Key Words: News of travel is in the stars; you could be packing your bags.

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Take charge at work. Focus on the solution not the problem, especially with money.

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For romance, connect with someone both physically and spiritually. Be careful of keeping a secret from someone special. Your instincts rule. Planetary influences could throw love and work plans into chaos. What happens next can be a blessing in disguise.

Your next move can have a major effect on the outcome of future events - stay the course. With love, a wish can magically be granted.

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Speak from your heart. Good news on the love front! Your popularity rating is soaring high. Project an air of confidence to get noticed. And just be your usual witty and entertaining self to attract love.

2011 Year Ahead Jennifer Angel horoscope - Libra

Money matters need attention - take control. A close relationship can demand transparency - be open and honest and trust your instincts. When you meet your match at work, it can kick start your competitive spirit into action. For you, Leo, mixing business with pleasure is a successful formula! Love stars are empowering! You can wipe the slate clean with a current flame, or it can be the start of a new wonderful romance. It's a perfect time to get your dreams and goals set.

TAURUS: Your life can take a giant step forward now, Taurus.

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