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In effect the software has thousand of functions and it is impossible to list everything- I just put here my fav ones, so please you can visit the software page. A working demo limited to can be downloaded here.

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If you want to be notified the next time I write something, subscribe to my RSS feed. Was never able to get the demo to work for me on either 32 bit or 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium…. Le posizioni celesti da Dott. Jean Meeus sono diverse di quelle delle efemere svizzere?

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I loved the software, however it is too expensive for me. Hello Rofolfo! Yes, the software is great. He subsisted achieving success.

He was a womanizer, an alcoholic, and on ketchup and booze, and broke through around passionately involved in painting. Another commentary on de Kooning's first Woman painting The careerist thing to do would've been to ride the Ab Ex is: "Woman I is noteworthy not only for this process, but also tsunami, but de Kooning stubbornly defied purist abstrac- because it embodies two major themes in de Kooning's work.

The first is the depiction of the female figure. De Kooning's Woman is "part vamp, part Western painting - she is highly aggressive, erotic and threat- tramp," a Hollywood pinup girl with push-up bazooms, a ening. Her frightening teeth and fierce eyes are not those of dirty joke and a scary goddess based on a Mexican deity to a stereotypically submissive, Cold war-era housewife, and whom hearts were sacrificed. On the same website a soft, devotional side of de Kooning to be so greatly overpow- commentary on "Women Singing II" points out that in "this ered so that his paintings become a kind of rebellion against work is typical of de Kooning's style upon returning to the the pure and exquisite feminine and against the healing and figure, which he began to do with a new series of paintings supportive qualities of the 9th harmonic, there would have to of women, shortly after moving permanently to Long Island.

The usual frustra- Like his earlier Women series, these are highly abstract, but tions that people encounter would not be sufficient.

I determined that either my belief in the healing and hu- They were inspired by watching television and observing the manitarian nature of the 9th harmonic is wrong or de Koon- new fashions and pop idols of the s. Without some ligence and dignity of women. Some of After googling for a while and visiting several websites, I de Kooning's most famous works are about women. He cre- found reviews of the book "de Kooning: an American Mas- ated a series of abstract paintings that combine abstract ele- ter", which confirmed what I suspected.

His mother hit him ments with images of women.

here However, in contrast to what is with a wooden shoe. My belief as that she hit him with a expected from 9th harmonic patterns, the women are not soft force that was very painful and the hitting was far beyond any and round, although there may be illusions to large breasts reasonable or justifiable response to de Kooning's behavior. A and hips. Overall, there is a hardness, sometimes a square- mean-spirited side of this woman broke the spirit of this boy.

De Koonig himself ful capacity for healing and humanitarianism, is not invulner- refers to the way his paintings contrast with classic images of able. What I had not fully realized until I conducted this research At first glance, the astrological analysis appears to be incor- study is how prone the 9th harmonic is to taking the line of rect. Even with another astrological factor.

The "energy" or however we may the exceptional and extraordinary 9th harmonic pattern in de wish to view the mechanism by which astrology operates Koonig's chart, his natural inclination to devotion and heal- of an astrological influence is not negated by the energy of ing was largely destroyed by the one person who most should another astrological influence. Astrological influences do mix represent the goodness and grace of the 9th harmonic: his together to change the flavor and quality of an aspect just as mother. Using the charts. Including them would greatly complicate the relatively theoretical framework for this research paper, astrological simple theoretical framework used for this study.

A person, however, can become confused or disori- tions and not moved by our behaviors, and therefore astro- ented and fight against the natural flow of energy. I believe logical variables are causal in the sense that Rubin and many that this is precisely what, to a large extent, de Kooning did. In order for large dysfunctions to occur, there must be very strong dysfunctional environmental effects. De Koon- in a tight group of friends other artists and creative types ing could not simply erase his memories and his hurts and was central to his existence.

There he fell in love with painting, themselves where some peace will be found even if the long- and replaced his biological family with a new family of other term effects are bad. He loved the structured and productive environ- ment and the sense of camaraderie it engendered. De Kooning found friends in New York, and my belief is that this may have saved him from a more severe desperation.

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In the 50s he was a key continued to abuse women. He became an alcoholic, where figure in a scene that revolved around a bar in NY called The each drink can create a buffer between his needs and his emo- Cedar, where the avant gar de of that time and what came to tional pain. His painting, while helping express his feelings, be called the "New York School" of painting coalesced. Out and gain new perspectives on life, did not ultimately save him of that he became part of the inner circle of something called either. De Kooning said it very well: "Art never seems to make "the Club", which was like a secret tree house club for artists.

However, de-kooning-willem. For example, in the 30s when his whole group De Kooning is consciously aware of what painting can do and all the artists in his circle where big on Communism, he for a painter: it can make him peaceful and pure! This is the supported their ideas about workers rights.

He mocked people calling each other "Com- for other painters. But he rejects this as a way of painting rade" and things like that. I think he found it dogmatic and for himself. He rejects this level of optimism and faith in a sheep like and therefore distasteful. He rejects these false gods and idols and hopes and dreams in the face of what he has experienced in In the 50s, when the New York School was really becoming his own life.

And yet painting is his way, it is his passion, it recognized, there was a meeting where they tried to come is the means through which he works through his situation, up with a title for their movement. De Kooning was totally little by little, coming to grips with the contradictions and against that idea. He said "It is folly to name ourselves!

In this process, he makes extraordinary or something along those lines. In fact, even though he is breakthroughs in perception and visual insights, but he does considered a key figure in what we now call Abstract Expres- not break through to the full peace and purity which I be- sionism, he never referred to, and didn't think of himself as lieve, based on the theoretical framework and applications of an expressionist, or anything else really.

On the other hand, this framework that I use in cosmic cybernetics, are the goals he was acutely aware of being a part of the Western tradi- of the 9th harmonic aspects. So although he lived and breathed his community and in the world; there is war and poverty and our pretty little his tradition, he was loath to be some sort of fundamentalist philosophies cannot negate these facts, and we do face the or stickler about it.


He was a complicated person with many philosophical problem of evil: how can there be a god or ul- paradoxes in his life. Van Gogh was seeking angels among the monic tendency.

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Phasis. 86 likes. Classical Astrology Software - Programma di Astrologia Classica. PHASIS is a new complete, user-friendly, classical astrology software with unique features. It can be used both by beginners and by professional astrologers and.

The 9th harmonic inclines towards greater demons in his life, and de Koonig was seeking the madonna and greater inclusiveness and forming rigid boundaries de- in his mother and for humanitarianism amidst the hostilities feats the need for inclusiveness of the 9th harmonic. We find of World War II and other widespread pain and suffering. The substitution of friends for family is a in rituals, practices, cultural traditions, and other formal ways tendency of the 9th harmonic even when family relationships of building community and a feeling of connectedness and are not extremely strained because the 9th harmonic seeks solidarity with the larger context of our lives.

In de Koonig's 63rd harmonic chart Mars is opposition Saturn, indicating that he There are also other astrological factors that combine with the can work hard in some kind of ritualistic behavior.

The sustained effort at a personal mission Uranus midpoint. The orb of these midpoint configuration was his painting. This that he put into his work. His 9th harmonic keeps bringing him back to growing up. Nevertheless, in the concluding chapter of this the feminine. Periodic disappointing sexual experi- chart or any other diagnostic or analytical tool can be easily ences very likely fueled his ambivalence to women and a side reinterpreted to fit a person's life. Chastity Bono, daughter of Sonny and Sher Bono, also has a strong 9th and 18th harmonic pattern, and we will discuss Also, the periods of poverty that de Kooning experienced her chart when we get to the 18th harmonic.

Very simple and practical details of our lifestyles have a last- I have suggested that the 10th harmonic indicates play and ing effect on our lives and too often are overlooked when creativity 5 with others 2. In short, the very high degree of dysfunctions in George Archer not only has a very strong 5th harmonic em- relationships was exacerbated by poor diet and other life style phasis, as discussed above, but also a 10th harmonic empha- choices that de Kooning made.